The days and strives in the life of a 38 years old record collector. Rare and otherwise interesting Beatles and solo records are to be presented, introduced or just shown off in pure pride of finally laying my hands on them. I’m a loyal Ebayer since 2002 and I have met both Ringo (1992) and Paul (2005) as well as George Martin, Pete Best, original Quarrymen, Alan Williams, Howie Casey, Denny Laine, Steve Holly and a whole bunch of other Beatles related persons. Been inside Abbey Road Studio 2 for recording sessions twice (1998, 2003). Been to Liverpool at least 10 times. That city is getting better all the time! Got sucked into Pepperland as a fifteen years old boy, when most friends listen to U2, Michael Jackson or Iron Maiden. At times I have seriously thought I have put Beatles on the shelf, but for some reason I have taken them down from the shelf again. Now I guess we will be friends forever! The collecting niche I’m most proud of is probably the 12″ section, especially the Macca/Fireman/Twin Freaks/Wings part. I can be reached at henrikjutbring(a)hotmail.com


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