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Spanish promo “7

7 Nov

Spain is an interesting country for many reasons. I could move there for the sun, the Mañana or the paella. But what I like the most is the McCartney 7″ promos released there. First to mind comes the Macca/Jackson duet ‘The Man’ from ‘Pipes of Peace’. From albums like ‘Choba B CCCP’ and ‘Tripping the live fantastic’ unique 7″ promos also were released. And I love them! From ‘Flowers in the dirt’ the hidden little gem ‘Distractions’ was picked for promotion (006 1223267).



In today: Twist and Shout remix

5 Nov

An unusual Beatles 12″ arrived today; Ultimix 20 (UM-20F) includes the 5:20 version of Twist and Shout, remixed by Les Massengale and Bradley D. Hinkle. The record is made of transparent black/dark brown vinyl.

I love these remixes! Mid-80ies. So dated and kitschy. There are some other lovely DJ remix 12″:es in my collection. I’ll be back into the groove later on!



3″ heaven pt 3 – Cheer down

4 Nov

In 1989 George Harrison released the compilation ‘The best of The dark horse 1976-1989’ and included was the Traveling Wilburys sounding single ‘Cheer Down’. The sound is not the only thing in common, the artwork was designed by the same actor (Wherefore Art?) for both projects. Maybe their influence was one of the reasons why George followed The Wilburys’ decision to release this 3″ single. ‘Cheer Down’ (W2696CD) is a fold out sleeve like ‘End of The Line’.



3″ heaven pt 2 – Traveling Wilburys’ contribution

4 Nov

The Traveling Wilburys also urged for the 3″ format releasing all official singles from ‘Vol 1’ that way:
• ‘End of the line’, “3 inch CD single” (W7637CD)
• ‘Handle with care’, “CD3” (9277322)
• ‘Heading for The light’, (9212652)


3″ heaven – The ‘Flowers In The Dirt’ quartet

4 Nov

I like the logic that a single should be physically smaller than an album. That goes for vinyl and of course that should be the case for cd’s as well, the record companies thought. So during a few years by the late 80ies and early 90ies this cute mini standard was in fashion. (In retrospect most formats seem to have been in fashion during that period by the way.) At least four of Macca’s singles from the 1989 ‘Flowers in The Dirt’ album was released in the baby single format – a format that passed under serveral different names;
• ‘My Brave Face’, “3” CD-single” (CDP 560-2033583)
• ‘This One’, “Maxi CD” (CDP 560-2034463)
• ‘Figure Of Eigth’, “3” Maxi-CD” (CDP 552-2036533)
• ‘Party Party’, “3” CD single” (CD3R 6238)


‘Imagine’ the multiheaded dragon

4 Nov

Oh boy, this nasty animal takes a whole lot to tame! As soon as you think you’re done, the beast transforms to another shape and creeps up around the corner anew. And I love it! Must be one of the most creatively treated albums in the Beatles solo discography. Except for all original versions and “standard” reissues I have hunted down the following vinyl versions:
• Quadraohonic mix (1C 062-04914Q), 1971
• Original master recording (MFSL 1-153), 1984 – see below
• Digitally re-mastered (SW 3379), 1986
– EMI 100 The Vinyl Collection (724382158011), 1997
• Digitally remastered & remixed (724352485819), 2000
• Original master recording – limited edition, numbered (MFSL 1-277), 2000
• From the Capitol Vaults edition (7033791), 2008
• Record Store Day Anniversary box (5099967887316), 2011

Why is there no picture disc? 😉


What were the French thinking?

4 Nov

Ringo Starr’s contribution to the Beatles related 12″ discography is limited but nice (he was a bit of a pioneer with ‘Drowning in The Sea of Love’ during the disco era). I have worked quite hard to come across the handful of his 12″ records that I own. Here is the French 1992 ‘Weigth of the World’ promo (Private Music/BMG 743211086001) backed by ‘After all these years’.

I like this record alot as it seems so unlikely. I really can’t see the point in releasing the promo in this format; it is a MOR song, not a potential club hit, released during the heydays of the cd format. I’d like to know how the French BMG promotion departement reasoned to make the decision.