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3″ heaven pt 3 – Cheer down

4 Nov

In 1989 George Harrison released the compilation ‘The best of The dark horse 1976-1989’ and included was the Traveling Wilburys sounding single ‘Cheer Down’. The sound is not the only thing in common, the artwork was designed by the same actor (Wherefore Art?) for both projects. Maybe their influence was one of the reasons why George followed The Wilburys’ decision to release this 3″ single. ‘Cheer Down’ (W2696CD) is a fold out sleeve like ‘End of The Line’.




Selections from revisited chairty

3 Nov

This three track sampler stems from the 1991 reissue of The Concert for Bangla Desh, George’s pioneering initiativ 20 years earlier. I was in London when I first saw the cd (I remember the cd phenomenon was still new) and the today rather difficult double LP.

‘Concert for Bangla Desh Selections’ (SAMPCD 1538) includes live versions of Harrisons ‘Bangla Desh’ and ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ as well as Bob Dylan’s ‘Blowin’ in The Wind’. Found at Ebay in 2009, but rarely spotted since.


Rare Harrison in cartoon

3 Nov

The childrens album ‘The Bunbury Tails’ (Polydor 515 784-2) released in 1992 featuring the cartooned imaginary band The Bunburys includes a real rarity; a collaboration between George Harrison and Ravi Shankar on the track ‘Ride Rajbun’. Also on the recording we hear George’s by then 14 years old son Dhani, who played an important role in finishing his dad’s final album ‘Brainwashed’ posthumously almost ten years after this first official recording together.

I love this joyous and “free” song, which took me years to find. I even got tricked on Ebay by an unserious seller at one point in the search for this rare cd.



When we was fab

2 Nov


Storytelling to explain Butcher Cover craze?

2 Nov

I have never really understood the pricing of Butcher Covers. They are always on Ebay, the amount out there seem to be quite generous. And REALLY low editions like Harrison’s ‘Shanghai Surprise’ 7″ promo (100 reported copies) and Macca’s ‘No More Lonely Nights’ Mole or the Wingspan remixes 12″ (a few hundred made of each) sell for small bucks compared to big BC. How come? One might object: “is solo material” but still it is really closely connected to the Beatles. And the recordnings are nowhere else to be found. In economics the price will reflect the supply and the demand. The supply is minimal in this case so there shouldn’t be needed a really huge demand to make the prices fly high. I guess it’s the dramatic and well-known story behind BC that can explain parts of it. The small editions mentioned here are really underprised still I think, and there ARE interesting stories behind those gems. The stories have to be told and repeated and then we’ll see if my theory is correct 😉


Ps. I don’t own a big BC myself ;(