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Spanish promo “7

7 Nov

Spain is an interesting country for many reasons. I could move there for the sun, the MaƱana or the paella. But what I like the most is the McCartney 7″ promos released there. First to mind comes the Macca/Jackson duet ‘The Man’ from ‘Pipes of Peace’. From albums like ‘Choba B CCCP’ and ‘Tripping the live fantastic’ unique 7″ promos also were released. And I love them! From ‘Flowers in the dirt’ the hidden little gem ‘Distractions’ was picked for promotion (006 1223267).



What were the French thinking?

4 Nov

Ringo Starr’s contribution to the Beatles related 12″ discography is limited but nice (he was a bit of a pioneer with ‘Drowning in The Sea of Love’ during the disco era). I have worked quite hard to come across the handful of his 12″ records that I own. Here is the French 1992 ‘Weigth of the World’ promo (Private Music/BMG 743211086001) backed by ‘After all these years’.

I like this record alot as it seems so unlikely. I really can’t see the point in releasing the promo in this format; it is a MOR song, not a potential club hit, released during the heydays of the cd format. I’d like to know how the French BMG promotion departement reasoned to make the decision.

Selections from revisited chairty

3 Nov

This three track sampler stems from the 1991 reissue of The Concert for Bangla Desh, George’s pioneering initiativ 20 years earlier. I was in London when I first saw the cd (I remember the cd phenomenon was still new) and the today rather difficult double LP.

‘Concert for Bangla Desh Selections’ (SAMPCD 1538) includes live versions of Harrisons ‘Bangla Desh’ and ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ as well as Bob Dylan’s ‘Blowin’ in The Wind’. Found at Ebay in 2009, but rarely spotted since.


Beatles’ ‘1’ promo excess

3 Nov

Almost on the day The Beatles’ greatest hits compilation ‘1’ was released 12 years ago. At the time I free-lanced for EMI Sweden on the project, doing promotional tasks. Do I have to say that it was a wonderful feeling being officially employed and (at least indirectly) paid by The Beatles for my work. The album went to No 1 in Sweden (as in most parts of the world I believe) and we could celebrate with a gold record by Christmas.

Here are two nice promos used in the campaign; ambitious ‘Soundbites’ (CDLRL 042) providing 36 comments by the Beatles on the 27 songs, primarily for radio use. At least in Sweden focus still was on “old” media but I remember there was a certain strategy to reach the young generation via “internet portals”. Facebook, MySpace and Google was never heard of.

‘Yesterday’ (Beatlespro 352) is a one track Danish delight with custom made inlay and cd label – the edition cannot have been that large really, 100 copies? Territories were allowed to produce their own promotional material for local use, so there might be some interesting things out there. I think I’ve seen a ‘The Long and Winding Road’ promo from ‘1’ somewhere.


Unofficial Macca promo

3 Nov

Macca’s 12″ ‘Balearic Rarities’ surfaced to coincide with the re-release of McCartney II in 2011, having some titles in common. The 12″ also included Sunshine Sometimes which wasn’t officially released until the new Archive Collectoon release of Ram saw the lught of day this year. This item is claimed by the Ebay seller to be an official promo. I definitely doubt that. Although the the record itself is a nice hint of Macca’s multitalent there is nothing that points at an official release. Sometimes Macca has tried to balance between official and unofficial releases (Choba B CCCP, Wingspan remixes and other 12″ promo only releases in the 80-90ies).

I got my copy from Germany (MAC001), no label.
Track Listing
A1 Check My Machine
A2 Frozen Jap (Unreleased Version)
A3 Sunshine Sometime (Unreleased Instrumental)
B1 Temporary Secretary
B2 Blue Sway
B3 Front Parlour (Unreleased Version)